Proiectul arhitectural Grivita53 - G53

Our first public appearance, was in August 2017, during the 10th edition of the Undercloud Independent Theater Festival.Chris Simion-Mercurian, Pascal Bruckner, and the architect Codrin Tritescu got on stage together. Each spoke about the Grivita 53 project – the first theater built together, from their own perspective, and what it meant for them. 

This was followed by the award obtained in September 2017. At the Lafarge Holcim Gala,the Grivita 53 project was the first Romanian project ever awarded in the sustainable architecture competition. Of 5.003 projects, 7 were awarded. Grivita 53 obtained “ACKNOWLEDGMENT PRIZE 2017”. 

We then took a break for a year, forced by circumstances. Chris was diagnosed with breast neo-plasm and didn’t want to make it public until she was certain she will be healed. Grivita53 didn’t need anybody's pity. The year in which she got treated didn’t mean stopping the project, just Chris’s disappearance from the public eye. 

In 2018 we cleaned the land, did the geo-study and the technical expertise of the two existing architectural monument buildings, and took care of the documents. 

In 2019 we completed the DALI stage of the building project, we obtained the Urban Planning Certificate and approvals according to it, including the approval from the Monuments Commission for the DALI phase, which was a successful hop we got over. Also in 2019, we applied for Norwegian funds, in the RO-CULTURA program and started the “Grivita53 Eggs” to raise funds. In 2020, on Theater’s National Day, we held a show in the online space to support Grivita53. In 2021 we received the response we wished for in regard to the Norwegian funding and continued to raise funds through the “Selling bricks. Building a theatre” campaign.

"Grivita 53 will be a symbol both in terms of the civic initiative, and artistic vision but also as an architectural appearance. In a way, it comes naturally. After 77 years, it was necessary to create a representative theater for our generation, an object that would impose itself and represent something essential as a vision and spirit. Grivita 53 is the legacy we leave to those who come after us." Chris Simion- Mercurian  

The general concept belongs to the architect Codrin Tritescu, who coordinated the entire design team (architects, resistance and installation engineers, and consultants on issues of historical heritage, fire safety, or scenography). The architectural project was carried out by Codrin Tritescu with the team of architects Oana Paval, Alexandra Ardeleanu, Stefan Nedelcu, Mihai Grapa, and Petre Frangulea. The project manager for the restoration works is the architect Cătălin Preda.

"I like to think that the present creates heritage.

Positioned in a conservative protected area, the project proposes a symbol, a sign of the promotion of contemporary arts, in a city that we want to be characterized by an accentuated dynamic development. The building is an organic-technological arch-sculpture, both an abstract sculpture as much as a functional building.

The proposed architecture defines an open spatial concept. The interior space supports the environment through an antithesis between old and new, through a multi-typological visual complex that deliberately crosses the boundaries between formal historical expressions.

Where heritage information is irrelevant, contemporary design and not historicist pastiche is the current solution to save this urban "island" characterized by the diversity of old architectural styles." Codrin Trițescu


The structure project is carried out with the support of the engineer Mădalin Coman by the team coordinated by Bogdan Gagionea from Popp si Asociații. 

The installation project is carried out with the support of engineer Alin Ungureanu by the team coordinated by Beatrice Bordeianu from the Addict Engineering firm. 

Thank you to everyone who is with us in this endeavor and those who will join us.

Architectural plans

Basement Plan Ground plan 1st Floor plan2nd floor plan – 3rd floor plan – 4th floor plan – Terrace plan


teatru calea grivitei - grivita53



teatru calea grivitei grivita53



grivita53 teatru