Grivita53 - Primul teatru construit impreuna

Egg festival

The Egg Festival is an annual charity event that aims to support the construction of cultural spaces and various actions in the area of creative industries.

Egg festival

festivalul oualor de paste visual

The Egg Festival is an annual charity event that aims to support the construction of cultural spaces and various actions in the area of creative industries.

The Egg Festival supports Grivita53

This year Chris Simion – Mercurian comes with a unique initiative in the cultural industry – the organization of an event designed to raise funds for innovative ideas from the independent creative industries area.

19 important personalities of art, sport, music, theater or other creative industries joined the cause and accepted the challenge to create an egg with a height of 2 m, a diameter of 1.65 m, constructed of reinforced polyester and glass fiber.

The funds collected from the event will be donated to start the construction of the "Grivița 53" theater.
After the Grivita 53 Theater is built, the EGG FESTIVAL aims to join a cultural cause every year.
POSESORI DE OUA GRIVITA 53: Teilor Fine Jewellery, ClassLiving & Camelia Șucu, Globalworth Foundation, Dan Urse si Asociatii, Veronica Savanciuc & Mullen Lowe Group, AFI Europe, Immofinanz, CBRE, CA Immo, Valeria & Steven van Groningen și Leroy Merlin.

The opening of the campaign took place on April 17, at Fratelli Lounge & Club. The eggs were publicly exhibited until the end of May in different places in Bucharest. The first temporary exhibition was in AFI COTROCENI, then they enjoyed the MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art certification and in the end they won the admiration of all those who entered the Globalworth Tower during the opening.

Total success: 14 works were sold at a fixed price of 5000 Euros. 5 works were selected by the Artmark Galleries and will be auctioned on July 9.
OUALE GRIVITA 53 is a campaign "Calea Grivitai" Foundation

Grivita53 EGGS

Arantxa Etcvheverria

Alexandra Nechita si Fundația Renașterea

Francisc Chiuariu

Gheorghe Fikl

Mihai Popescu

Florin Samoilă

Oana Pellea

Oana Pellea & Mirela Trăistaru

Alex Găvan

Adina Mastalier

Valeria Van Groningen

Chris Simion-Mercurian

Horațiu Mălăele

Cristi Farcaș

Maia Morgenstern

Cabiria Morgenstern

Alexandru Tomescu

Ana Munteanu

Ivan Patzaichin

Marius Burhan

Cristian Mungiu

Dalina Badescu

Dan Perjovschi & Band of Illustrators: Sorina Vazelina, Tuan Nini, Laurie Mouret, Irina Iliescu, Alexandru Ciubotariu (Pisica Pătrată), Ramona Chirica

Mirela Trăistaru

Iuliana Vîlsan

Marius Manole  & Mirela Trăistaru

Vasile Murivale

Mihai Dobrovolschi

Vlad Fodor

People who made possible the opening of the Eggs for Grivița 53 campaign

Andreea Mihai, Adina Burchinoiu, Veronica Savanciuc, Razvan Dobre, Mihaela Geoana, Camelia Sucu, Cristi Enache, Andrei David, Dana Rusu, Alexandru Sinca, Carla Teaha, Adrian Popescu, Sorin Enache, Ana Maria Tuica, Anca Mireanu, Ion Margarit, Ioana Anca, Dumitru Tanase, Adriana Mitu and Victor Ciuperca from Liliac, Marta Usurelu, Raluca Michailov, Marian Iacob from Hardex, Andrei Costev from Aquatec and Fratelli Lounge & Club: Mihai and Liviu Popescu, Dani Caramihai, Stefan Aniculaiesei

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