Grivita53 - Primul teatru construit impreuna

G53 Founder bricks

We started the SELLING BRICKS -BUILDING A THEATRE campaign. Choose to have your own G53 brick for 53 euros and become a part of the story of the first Theatre built together, after 77 years, in Romania.

Order the brick directly from our site. You can either pick it up from our center or have it delivered to your house.


Mobexpert and Grivița 53 invite you to challenge your creativity. Participate in the design contest for the chairs of the Grivița 53 theater, win and the chair you create will be made by Mobexpert for the theater halls.

Go to Mobexpert’s website and sign up for the contest.


Our story - of those who want normalcy - stopped in '46. For 76 years no theater has been built from scratch. Our initiative connects the Romania of today with the interrupted Romania. Our approach is a return to a natural order.
The Grivița 53 theater will be more than a building.
We build a spirit, a community, not just real estate.
G53 is a cultural and civic movement.
Grivița 53 is built by acting, not waiting. NOW. Not later!

How do I become part of the G53 cultural community?

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