53 de zile cu Grivița 53 în Librăriile Humanitas - G53

Monday, April 12, at 7:30 p.m, Humanitas online&live offers you a meeting with Grivita 53 project, the independent theater that the director Chris Simion-Mercurian has been building since 2017, building the walls of the building from the most resistant bricks, those of the involvement of the team of actors and theater lovers who have become ambassadors and supporters of G53. They will participate in the discussion Oana Pellea, Chris-Simion MercurianMatei Vișniecarchitect Codrin Trițescu. Meeting host: Lidia Bodea.  



12 april, 7:30 p.m.


Online – Facebook Live

53 days with Grivița 53 in Humanitas Bookstores: 20% of the proceeds of a selection of Humanitas books and audiobooks that you will find at the cash registers and the profit obtained from the sale of notebooks inscribed with Grivița 53 will be donated to the project.

 The story of Grivita 53

The Grivița 53 Theater project was born in 2017, from the initiative of director and writer Chris Simion – Mercurian. With the money earned from the sale of the house inherited from his grandmother, Chris Simion – Mercurian bought the land on Calea Griviței no. 53, where the first independent theater in Romania will be built, after more than 75 years. The last approach of this kind belonged to the construction engineer Liviu Ciulei, who built a private theater in 1946 for his son, the director Liviu Ciulei. Grivița 53 is more than a cultural endeavor. It is a civic approach. It is more than the construction of a building, it is the construction of a community, the construction of a spirit. It is the first time that in Romania a theater is born from the effort of the community, brick by brick, man by man according to the model "give a leu for the Athenaeum". 

In 2017, G53 started the fundraising campaign. Also then, the project participated in the most important sustainable architecture competition in Europe, in Marseille. There were 5085 projects entered in the competition. For the first time, Romania climbed the podium and won one of the 7 prizes. The architect of Grivița 53 – the first theater built together from scratch is Codrin Trițescu. 3 days after this extremely important event, the initiator of the project found out that she was diagnosed with oncology. In 2018, the project was put on hold. In 2019, the approach was resumed. In 2020 there was the pandemic and another year off. In 2021, throughout the whole year, the campaign "We sell bricks. We are building a theater" in the hope that at the end of the year all the money needed to start construction will be collected. To date, approximately 320,000 Euros have been collected, plus construction materials. The total budget of the project is 2 million Euros.

In order for the construction site to begin, we still have 32,000 bricks to sell. 1 founder's brick = 53 Euros, the name of the person who purchases it is inscribed on each brick and then it is passed into the theater foyer. Be a founder with us. Place your brick!